Intimacy 3: Living Off His Voice

“The voice of my beloved! behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills.” – Song of Solomon 2:8

The ecstasy of the beloved on hearing the voice of her lover is something that cannot be put into words. Imagine this: a lovely Juliet, trapped in a prison, having no hope, no prospects for the future. Then a shout in the distance! A familiar voice yells her name. She recognises it immediately, for it is the voice of her love. Everything fades away then, the prison bars, the dingy jail. All the torment she has endured pales in comparison to the joy instilled by that voice. Hearing the voice alone seems to bring life in itself.

Do you realise that it is the same way with us? I have been trapped, several times, but only hearing His voice was enough to tear down my jail. And He is never just walking toward me; He is running, leaping, coming hard to save me. I don’t deserve such a fierce love!

But now I’m in jail again. And this time it feels like I’m being strangled, even. And I find myself crying, wondering if He has forgotten me. But He hasn’t. His love burns bright. He is coming to save me — I just haven’t heard His voice because I was too focused on my torments.

I will be still. I will trust You. I will look to You, despite the torments of this place. Please, let me hear Your voice again.


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