Intimacy 2: A Pursuit of Pleasure

“Draw me; we will run after thee…” – Song of Solomon 1:4

The problem is not God’s drawing us; the problem is our responding by running after Him. Because He has drawn us. We have felt His call often in our hearts; those moments of emptiness, those feelings of hollowness, that longing we have felt in our hearts for more. That was God drawing us. But we often ignored it or tried to satisfy that desire with something else.

Running is never an easy task, even if it is running after God. But it is an essential part of the drive for intimacy, just as courting is essential to marriage. But in chasing God, we discover a far greater pleasure, something which nothing else can provide.

I long to get back in the race again, to abandon myself to chasing after You, God. Please do not stop drawing me. And give me the strength to run after You, and to not stop even if my feet get sore and my arms grow faint.


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