Intimacy 1: The Call Of My Love

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for thy love is better than wine.” – Song of Solomon 1:2

In reading this verse today, I began to wonder, when last did He kiss me? When last have I felt the kisses of God’s mouth? From Him directly, not just through His ministers?

“Your love is better than wine” as a comparison may not make much sense until we realise what “wine” means. From Isaiah 5:11, I understood that “wine” symbolises the things that fill us with pleasure, the things that intoxicate us, the things that make us “high”. My wine is what I use to dull my pain, what keeps me company when I feel bad, what helps me “forget my troubles”.

So is it true? Have I sacrificed my love for wine? Did I quit following after Him and get hung up on the wine? I’m afraid it is true. My wine has been my source of refuge on stormy days. For some it may be drugs or actual wine. For me, it has been music, activities, food, gadgets and tons of stuff. And when I end up feeling empty, what do I do? I look for more wine.

Your love is better than wine, God. Your love is better than wine. Please kiss me once again. It’s been such a long time.


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