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I see them. The faces. They’re all around me, following me every where I go, occupying my every waking moment. No matter how much I want to hide, to mind my business and forget about the world, I can’t.

Their faces. I see their faces.

They’re a crowd, yet each one is distinctly visible.

I see the faces of my juniors in secondary school, looking up at me with wonder, seeking direction for the future.

I see the faces of my classmates in secondary school, rebelling against authority and chasing after the wind, all in a bid to fill the gaping hole in their hearts.

I see the face of the girl who sat next to me on the bus.

I see the faces of my classmates.

I see the face of the guy who everyone knows will probably graduate with a third class degree, who keeps asking to see me.

I see the faces of my fellow Intercessors, looking to me for some sort of direction.

I see the faces of those I disappointed.

I see the faces of the first years in my fellowship. I see the faces of the second years, too, some of them hiding deep scars.

I see the faces of my roommates.

I see the faces of those who resent me.

I see the faces of those who admire me, believing me to be some kind of hero.

I see the faces of those who still trust me.

I see the face of the boy who keeps following me around.

I see the face of the girl who everyone hangs around because of her beauty. And I see the face of the girl no one wants to talk to.

I see the face of the guy who spends all his time shouting obscenities.

I see the face of the lady that sat in the back row and sneaked out of the service once it ended.

I see the face of the girl struggling, looking so bright on the outside, but crying out inside.

I see the face of the guy with a secret that’s killing him, looking for someone to save him.

I see the faces of those ignored by everyone else and left out of everything.

I see the faces of those who have lost all hope.

I see the faces of those who are starving but not hungry, dehydrated but not thirsty, those who think they’re OK but are not.

I see the faces of people, looking for anything to help them escape from reality.

I see your face.

I see the faces. And I’m wondering, wondering. With every face I see, I wonder.
But I don’t just wonder. I weep. Yes, I weep. I try to run, I try to escape, to get wrapped up in my business. But I always feel some Divine Hand pushing them into my path.

Yes, they haunt me. Not haunt as in haunted, but haunt as in wanted. I do not have all the answers, but I know Where I can get them.

So I will run no longer. I will hide no longer. For the burden has broken me. I will rise, as best as I know how, and face the faces. Because I also see the face of the One who did that for me.

Because of these faces, I will pray deeper and longer.
Because of these faces, I will study harder.
Because of these faces, I will teach better and more.
Because of these faces, I will not quit even when I have no reason to continue.
Because of these faces, I will willingly suffer sleepless nights.
Because of these faces, I will give of myself, until I have spent and been spent.
Because of these faces, I will lay down my life.
Because of these faces, I will die.
So that, in my life and in my death, every one of these faces will find life.

*This was a deeply personal article, borne out of the author’s deepest feelings, convictions and desires. No portion of it is fictional. It expresses his observation that many people are searching for Life, and his understanding that he can help point them to where it is.
Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came to bring abundant Life. In John 17:3, He explained that eternal Life meant knowing Him, truly knowing Him. That’s life with a capital L. And it’s yours for the asking.
Please feel free to express your opinion in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share too.*


24 responses to “Faces

  1. WOW
    This is totally beyond words..you can’t imagine how touched and inspired by this…its a call to look beyond the physical,beyond the polished exteriors people usually exhibit and see deeper and for once stop to consider others too…Thanks for this Shalvah ….its wonderful

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    • Wow. I’m glad it ministered to you. Thank you. I’m humbled.
      You’ve said it; look beyond the polished exterior. And stop to consider others. I’ve not been doing this, but I will now. I hope you will too.


    • Thanks. You’re right; many of us are “living without life”. Existing, but not living. I’ve been like that at times. Now I hope to show people the way to the Life they seek. Thanks once again. And let it challenge you to act too.


  2. This piece of work is what I tag “AMAZING” with capital letters.it really conveys everyday life of people.Most people wouldn’t have observed this,Shalvah keep it up.Nice one dear digitron.

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  3. Nice one Shalva. I’m inspired,touched and challenged by this piece. do your best for your world, any face you come in contact with won’t remain the same again. More grace, and keep the good work till we meet the master

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  4. FACES… i see those masked with mary-kay, but whose hearts are in miry clay. I see those whose pants fail to align with their waist lines but still pursuing shadows. I see those who hoard their words from the horde that pass them daily. I see faces… I see disguised scars. I guess I can only help with as much as I can and pray God who looks beyond faces to search intentions and their deep thoughts.

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  5. This is BEAUTIFUL, seeing beyond the physical human appearance, seeing the troubles and challenges people pass through and desperate hearts calling for help. This is awesome,its high time we start using our third eye for observation. Nice one

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  6. I am greatly touched . I saw my face at least twice, within the massive throng of faces you described. You are being watched, and you let the world know that you are worthy of being the focal point of their attention sometimes . (Not to sound patronising or anything. Lol.)


    • Thank you. Yes, WE’RE being watched. As for being worthy, well…”Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God.” (2 Cor 3:5)


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